Symmetri i et afgørende øjeblik.

Create an image profile by using documentary-style photography, which captures the essence in a personal and unique way

Photographs are everywhere – as a mean of communication, it is unparalleled, beating text and video where the topic is perceived in seconds, eliminating the chance of a quick swipe. One way of differentiating imagery is by using documentary-style photography which not only can tell a story but also help to eradicate the chances of getting the typical 'stock image' look.

A fly on the wall

Documentary-style photography is the opposite of an arranged studio style photo. Here, the photographer is not involved in the shooting but acts as a documentarist rather than a portraitist. This makes for more candid shots, characterised by the photographer's style, overview, and intuition and captured in 'the decisive moment' (Bresson).

Likewise, the images will portray a more personal and unique angle, as opposed to what you can achieve with a more 'traditional' approach. For example, people have a tendency to act more relaxed and as themselves when not being forced to (re)act in a certain way in front of a huge lens.

Furthermore, there will also be a stronger focus on the little or quirky details that may be overlooked by most people, but which adds excellently to the underlying 'story.' This is one of my strongest assets when I'm shooting.

  Guermani, Andrea. Lorenza Bravetta. Unknown date.   Mon. 7th of Nov. 2016.

Guermani, Andrea. Lorenza Bravetta. Unknown date. Mon. 7th of Nov. 2016.

In a time when we are flooded with images, professional photography is even more essential in order to convey the complexity of a story.
— Lorenza Bravetta, European director, Magnum Photos & CEO of 'Camera', the Itailan center for photography in Torino in LFI Magazine 8/2016