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About me

Photographer Massimo Fiorentino is a documentary-style photographer, who captures the essence of any situation in a personal and unique way.



My name is Massimo, and I've been photographing since I was pretty young. I've been doing both 'old school' film and digital photography, and I've even for a short while been a filmmaker and have been working with photography as interactive art.

I have a background in graphical design, drawing and more, in all kinds of media, and I, therefore, know the inner workings of these, and cannot only take a picture in the best way possible but also see how they can be used optimally in the end.

I've also worked for a lot of years with storytelling, commercials and communication in general. In that way, I also know how to approach a series of images concerning the story that has to be told.


In a time when we are flooded with images, professional photography is even more essential in order to convey the complexity of a story.
— Lorenza Bravetta, European director, Magnum Photos & CEO of 'Camera', the Itailan center for photography in Torino in LFI Magazine 8/2016


Photographs are everywhere – as a mean of communication, it is unparalleled, beating text and video where the topic is perceived in seconds, eliminating the chance of a quick swipe. One way of differentiating imagery is by using documentary-style photography which not only can tell a story but also help to eradicate the chances of getting the typical 'stock image' look.

Documentary-style photography is the opposite of an arranged studio style photo. This makes for more candid shots, characterised by the photographer's style, overview, and intuition and captured in 'the decisive moment' (Bresson). People have a tendency to act more relaxed and as themselves when not being forced to (re)act in a certain way in front of a huge lens.


I primarily shoot with a Leica M utilising only available lighting using both new and vintage Leica lenses from 1959 up to 2016. My dear custom Leica is an old war camera acquired from the World Press Photo Award winning Danish photojournalist Jan Grarup whom I also admire a lot.


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